Caprock Canyons II
This is a non-comprehensive list of the primary equipment that I use as of February 2012. I definitely advocate that people use whatever they're comfortable with, and am not a brandist, so I avoid, like the plague, conversations about why Canon is better than Nikon (even though it is). Please feel free to email me with any questions about this or other equipment.

And finally links to B&H Photo and Amazon are in parentheses; any purchases you make through those links go to support this blog and its costs of operation, and for that I am greatly appreciative. Both are a highly respected dealer and often have the best prices on photo and video equipment.
Digital Cameras:
Film Cameras:
  • Canon A-1 :: My favorite 35mm camera. I love everything about it. This camera and I have a long history together. It's gone more places with me than any other camera I own.
  • Canon Rebel 2000 :: My first SLR.
  • Canon EOS 3 :: This was the last great film camera to be manufactured by Canon. While in college, I dreamt about one day owning this camera, though it's price tag of $850ish was well above my pay grade. Thanks to the digital revolution, I picked up a gently used copy for 1/10 of that in 2008. 
  • Mamiya GS645S Rangefinder
  • Minolta SRT 202 :: Photos taken of Greenwood Cemetery, with this camera are here.
  • Minolta SRT MC-II :: My post describing how I disassembled and repaired this camera (a metal shim was floating about and obstructing the focusing screen) can be found here.
  • Agfa Billy Record :: My post with photos of and from this camera is here.
Photographing at Village Creek
Tripods and Heads:
Bags and Other Equipment: